All residents must abide by the Weddington Ridge Pool Rules and Regulations that can be found on the Community Documents page.
Pool Access:
All Homeowners have been assigned a PERMANENT electronic Key FOB (one per household) for access to the pool. Lifeguards are NOT able to distribute Key FOBs at the pool or allow access without one. Please see instructions below for obtaining Key FOBs and contact Cedar Management via pool@mycmg.com for more information or if any issues arise (please be sure to include your address and our community’s name with any correspondence).

  • Get a new Key FOB: If you were not able to pick up your household’s Key FOB onsite in 2019 or have recently moved in (if the previous owner did not transfer the Key FOB, there will be a $30 replacement fee which can be charged to your Homeowner account if it is in good standing), please complete and sign the Key FOB Guidelines (see Community Documents page for link) and submit with your request to pool@mycmg.com. If you are a renter, the Homeowner must sign the guidelines and complete the Key FOB Authorization Form (see Community Documents page for link).
  • Get a replacement/additional Key FOB: Homeowners have the option to purchase one additional Key FOB (limit 2 FOBs per household) or a replacement for $30 (more information available in the Key FOB Guidelines). Please email pool@mycmg.com with your request. Replacement fees can be charged to your Homeowner account if it is in good standing.
  • Requests can also be submitted by visiting https://www.cedarmanagementgroup.com/pool/

Authorized Unescorted Minors:
Minors (children between the ages of 12 & 15 are allowed to enter the pool when it is guarded as long as a current Authorized Unescorted Minor Form (see Community Documents page for link) has been submitted to the lifeguards. A new form MUST be submitted every year. Children under the age of 12 are not allowed at the pool without a parent or guardian.

Swim At Your Own Risk (“SAYOR”):
SAYOR access is available during pool season when the pool is unguarded. Early Lap Swim (6-8AM) is include in SAYOR access. The SAYOR Agreement, Release and Waiver of Liability form (see Community Documents page for link) must be completed & submitted to pool@mycmg.com to gain SAYOR access. If you have previously submitted a form during previous pool seasons, you will still have access.