2021 Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting of the Weddington Ridge Homeowners Association, Inc. was held on Thursday, November 11th, 2021 at 7:00pm at the Weddington Ridge Clubhouse (3810 Cameron Creek Dr).

Please see the attached PowerPoint for a summary of the discussion. The 2022 budget and dues increase were ratified as presented. We did not meet quorum (20% of homeowners) so we were unable to officially vote in 2 re-elected board members (Lorrie Smith-Maloney and Jean Staats). There is still time to submit a Proxy form to officially vote them in & we will continue collecting them through the end of the year. Please complete and return via email to weddingtonridgeboard@gmail.com or mail in as stated on the form.

Thank you to everyone that participated!

-Weddington Ridge Board of Directors

Proxy 2021 Final
2021 Annual Meeting – Budget Insert
WR Annual Meeting Presentations & Minute 2021


As fall approaches, now is the time to start working on your lawns. Please see the attached lawn care guide, which has tips and advice for both cool season (tall fescue) and warm season (Bermuda) grasses.

At minimum, core aeration, topdressing (with starter fertilizer) and overseeding are great steps to take this time of year for a healthy lawn come spring!


Important Pool Schedule & Access Change Begins 8/23

Important Pool Announcement & Revised Pool Schedule!!!

Due to COVID related labor shortages, AquaTech will be unable to staff our pool as expected once school starts. As of August 23rd, the pool will operate as a Swim At Your Own Risk (“SAYOR”) facility until it closes (weekends through Labor Day will still be guarded).

WHAT THIS MEANS FOR YOU: If you have NOT completed a SAYOR waiver, you WILL NOT have access to the pool Aug 23-27, Aug 30-Sep 3 and Sep 6-26.

For SAYOR access, complete the form at the following link (signatures needed on page 4 & page 10) and email to pool@mycmg.com. Be sure to include your address in the subject line or email body. Hardcopies available upon request. Please do not wait!


For any questions, please email weddingtonridgeboard@gmail.com.

Community Yard Sale Announcement

The Weddington Ridge Community Yard Sale will be on October 24th from 7-11AM. If you would like to join in, please place items for sale in your driveway.
We ask that everyone be conscious of social distancing & consider cashless payments (Venmo, PayPal, CashApp, Zelle, etc.) for transactions.
Happy selling and buying!

What is “SAYOR”

SAYOR is short for “Swim at your own risk”.

Each pool season, the pool opens a couple weeks before school lets out, and stays open for a couple of weeks after school starts in the fall.

Historically, the pool has been closed during the day and only open when lifeguards are present, beginning at 4pm (remember, the lifeguards are students). This year, the Board decided to allow residents to use the pool during the day without a lifeguard present, i.e. “SAYOR”.

There is a form on the Community Documents page that will need to be signed for the fall and future seasons, but all residents’ fobs were activated for the start of this season.

FWIW, the pool and clubhouse are Internet equipped…so if you need a break from the home ‘office’, you should be able to get some work done by the pool.

Weddington Ridge Pool Season Update

As you may be aware, Governor Roy Cooper enacted an Executive Order on May 20, 2020 moving North Carolina into Phase 2 of reopening which included allowing public pools to open with certain restrictions. The Weddington Ridge community pool will be opening on May 30th, subject to the restrictions and guidelines outlined below. We need the cooperation of EVERY ONE OF YOU to adhere to these restrictions to ensure the pool can remain open during current Phase (expected to last at least through June 26th).

• Pool area entry capacity is limited to 52 people with 26 people allowed in the water at a time
• Entry and Waitlist Process:
o Pool entry will be first come-first served
o All residents must sign in when entering/exiting the pool area, notating their entry/exit time
o In an effort to allow all residents to enjoy the pool, a waitlist strategy is being implemented. All households will be guaranteed a minimum stay of 2-hours.
o If there is a waitlist for entry (households will be asked to wait outside the pool gate) or if at the hourly count there are more than 52 people in the pool area or 26 people in the water, the household(s) that has been at the pool the longest (after their minimum stay has been met) will be asked to leave the pool area first and in a timely manner
o If there are households waiting at the entrance, exit only through the back gate near the showers
• The pool will be open daily from 9-10AM ONLY for vulnerable populations (65+, immune compromised, etc.). If you need pool access during this time of day, please email weddingtonridgeboard@gmail.com ASAP
• No toys (except safety floats) will be allowed in the pool area. Lost items will be discarded at the end of the day
• No guests or pool parties will be allowed
• Allow AquaTech employees the space they need to periodically clean all high touch-point area as required
• Wipe down your lounge chairs and tables before and after use. Bring your own disinfectant
• Maintain appropriate social distancing (i.e. stay at least 6 feet from other people & do not gather in groups outside of your immediate household)
• Wash your hands often for at least 20 seconds or use hand sanitizer
• Cloth face coverings are strongly encouraged when entering and exiting the pool area and when not in the pool or visiting the restrooms
• Do NOT enter the pool area if you are symptomatic with COVID-19 (fever, cough, shortness of breath, etc.), have been in contact with a person diagnosed or is presumed positive with COVID-19, or have traveled out of the country in the past 2 weeks

By entering the Weddington Ridge pool, you are agreeing to abide by the above restrictions & guidelines and that the facilities are open to use AT YOUR OWN RISK (neither the HOA nor AquaTech can be responsible for preventing the spread of germs throughout the facility, including SARS-COV-2). If any resident is determined to be in violation of these restrictions by AquaTech or the Board, your pool access will be revoked for period of at least 2 weeks. As pool season progresses, these procedures will be evaluated and are subject to change.

May 30-July 30: 9AM-9PM*, August 1-August 30: 9AM-8PM*, August 31-September 4: 4PM-8PM**,
September 5-7, 12-13 & 19-20: 9AM-8PM**
[*9AM-10AM open ONLY for vulnerable populations until further notice, **Swim At Your Own Risk access available during the week when pool is unguarded if authorization form is submitted to pool@mycmg.com]

STILL NEED A KEY FOB? Email pool@mycmg.com or visit http://weddingtonridgehoa.com/pool (no entry allowed without a FOB and lifeguards cannot assist).

With everyone’s understanding & cooperation, we are looking forward to a safe 2020 pool season!

The Weddington Ridge HOA Board of Directors

Weddington Ridge Update on the 2020 Pool Season

Please be advised that the Weddington Ridge pool will NOT be opening for the season as scheduled on May 16, 2020. We are hopeful that pools in North Carolina will be allowed to re-open in Phase 2, however, Aquatech has not yet received any guidance from the Board of Health detailing when or if pools will be allowed to open this summer. Ultimately, we will be following all state, local and CDC guidelines to determine when/if the pool can be opened and if social distancing measures (such as capacity limits) need to be enacted.

In the meantime, Aquatech is maintaining the pool properly so, if the green light is given, it can be opened quickly. Please also ensure you have a pool FOB for access (lifeguards do NOT have these to distribute, please email pool@mycmg.com or visit http://weddingtonridgehoa.com/pool/) and your 2020 Unescorted Minor and Swim at Your Own Risk forms are completed and sent to pool@mycmg.com (these forms will also be available by the end of the week on MyCMG and the Community Documents page of the HOA website).


The HOA Board of Directors

Weddington Ridge Spring Fest – Quarantine Style

Spring fest looks a little different this year! We will be hosting a sign hunt/ word scramble around the neighborhood on Wednesday, April 8 – Saturday, April 11. Spring signs will be placed in yards on the Cameron Creek/Weddington Ridge loop. Hunt for all 16 signs and unscramble the letters on each sign to reveal the scrambled word. Once you finish please complete the document below; Include the unscrambled word, your address and how many children you have. Prize bags will be geared to children under 12 but everyone is welcome and encouraged to participate! Prize bags will be delivered to porches on Sunday, April 12th. Precautions will be taken when assembling prizes, but please take your own as you see fit.
Happy Hunting!!
Weddington Ridge Social Committee

Covid-19 and Our Community

The Board of Directors will be postponing violation hearings until after the COVID-19 pandemic has ended and stay-at-home orders are lifted.
In addition, there will be leniency on violations. The Board asks in return that those violations that can be remedied easily, i.e. lawns mowed, weeds cleared, dead shrubs removed, mildew on siding, missing mailbox numbers, garbage cans in view of the road, improperly stored items, etc., still be addressed. Please just do your best in maintaining your property to the standards detailed in the Rules & Regulations/ARC Guidelines and try not to worry about anything that would require a 3rd-party or contractor to fix.
*This does not mean that your HOA dues are deferred. They should be paid on time, as we still have work and upkeep being done in our community.
**This also does not mean that inspections will be postponed or that violation notices won’t be sent. We are continuing with “business as usual” with the understanding that the Board is giving you more time to remedy any violations, and some violations, unfortunately, will not be able to be remedied for a while. Please be sure to always email violations@mycmg.com with photos if you have remedied your violation in order to clear them from your file.
If you have any questions or concerns, please email weddingtonridgeboard@gmail.com and all community documents can be found in the navigation pane on the left.
We hope you all stay safe and continue to make Weddington Ridge a great place to live!